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My speaking gigs

Our 3rd international Woohoo Academy was a huge hit

2016-06-24 16.14.18

Last week we held the 3rd international Woohoo Academy. 21 people from 12 countries (including Malaysia, India, China and Canada) came to Copenhagen to learn all about happiness at work in our most intensive, in-depth, 3-day training.

It was a major hit – everyone loved it and everyone passed. Not only did we get to share everything we know about creating happier workplaces, the participants also got to share their best experiences and tips with each other and with such an experienced and varied group, that was incredibly valuable for both them and us.

Our next Academy is on October 18-21 in New York City. Read more and get your tickets here.

UPDATE: Our partner in Hong Kong wrote about his experience at the Academy here, saying:

Besides gaining in-depth and latest information on the subject, I have also learnt to pass on the knowledge and tools to professionals and leaders through short keynotes or full-day workshops.

It was one of the best training events, and included field trips, sightseeing and lots of fun and games.

Here are some of our favorite pics from 3 amazing days in Copenhagen.

More upcoming open international gigs

alexander kjerulf

While most of our speaking gigs are for client companies and therefore limited to only their employees, we also speak at some open events.

If you want to see me speak about happiness at work, these are my upcoming international speaking gigs that are open to the public.

Check them out – they’re all great events :)

Our 7th. annual conference about happiness at work was a hit

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Last week we had our 7th annual conference about happiness at work in Copenhagen and this one may just have been the best one yet.

We had 14 inspiring speakers and 350 engaged participants to help make it a great day and as always, we filmed all the speeches and will be releasing them over the next few weeks. Here’s the first video – David Marquet’s excellent closing speech on how leaders can improve results by giving up control:

Our next Academy is nearly sold out


Our next Woohoo Academy in Copenhagen on June 21-24 is nearly sold out. We currently have 20 participants from 8 different countries, making it a very international affair.

So if you want to be a part of our in-depth, intense 3-day training about happiness at work, you should hurry up and book one of the last 5 seats.

And if you can’t make it to Copenhagen in June, the next Academy is on October 18-21 in New York.

Wanna see one of my speeches in 40 seconds?

A few weeks ago I spoke in Holland at the awesome Happy People Better Business conference and here’s a 40-second impression of that speech. We’ve always felt that a speech about happiness at work should be happy to be effective and I think the video conveys just that.

Last week I spoke in the UK at the Service Desk Institute conference, this week I’m speaking at Transbank in Chile and next week I’m in Poland at a conference for innovators and startups.

Woohoo :)

How to be a startup rebel

Last year I spoke at the Happy Startup Summer Camp – an awesome event for startups who want to do things differently.

I also did a workshop on happiness at work at the camp (happiness being the foundation of success for any startup) but in my main speech I focused on how to be a startup rebel.

Because let’s face it: Starting your own company requires you to take risks, ignore any-sayers and not be afraid to be yourself. You can see the whole speech above.

Upcoming international gigs: Holland, Poland, UK and USA

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Here are the upcoming international events you can catch me at:

March 23, The Hague, Holland: Happy People Better Business

April 12+13, Birmingham, UK: #SD16 Service Desk Conference

April 27+28, Wroclaw, Poland: Kongres E(x)plory Innowacje

May 9-11, Miami, USA: WorldBlu Summit

Often our speeches are closed events for one client, but these are all open conferences where anyone can buy a ticket. See you there?


3 reasons why you MUST go to the WorldBlu Summit May 9-11 in Miami

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 16.07.05

If you go to only one business conference this year, make it the WorldBlu Summit on May 9-11 in Miami.

I have been to all their previous events, they always knock my socks off and this one promises to be absolutely amazing and inspiring again.

The theme for the event is democracy at work, ie. how do you create workplaces that are based on freedom rather than on command and control.

Here are three reasons why you should go too.

1: Make your company more profitable
Freedom-based workplaces reduce unneeded hierarchy, processes, bureaucracy and red tape and set employees free to do really good work. This makes the company more innovative and profitable.

2: Make your workplace happier
Secondly, democratic workplaces are happier workplaces. When you grant employees trust, autonomy and freedom to make decisions, there is a much bigger chance that they will be happy at work.

3: Meet and network with some awesome people
The conference attracts some amazing speakers and companies that are only happy to share their ideas and best practices. I have met so many cool people at this conference and I think you will too.

Read all about the WorldBlu conference and sign up for it here.