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CraniumHere are the best recent stories from the Happy Link Collection:

Being nice saved this McDonald’s. A McDonald’s owner feels the squeeze when a Taco Bell opens next door. Instead of cutting costs, he fights back by going nice: “Bigari started giving no–interest loans to employees to cover things like new tires, rental deposits, medicine and emergency babysitters. He worked with a local church to help employees get daycare, and he started buying inexpensive cars at police auctions and selling them to employees at cost.”

Why growth no longer makes us happier. “The formula for human well-being used to be simple: Make money, get happy. So why is the old axiom suddenly turning on us?” (txh Kareem).

Small company hires a happiness manager. “The owner decided to only hire people who where happy! That’s right if she didn’t feel that you weren’t a really happy person, you didn’t get the job. She went even further and hired a Happiness Manager. His job is as you might expect, is to find ways to keep her happy employees….HAPPY!”

Also: Happy at work in South KoreaThe science of lasting happinessWhy happiness at work is like marriageSchedule play at workA 10-second experiment in negative thinking.

And finally, you gotta see this video from game company Cranium, a truly happy company whose office is laid out like the board of their first board game:

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And have a spectacularly happy weekend :o)

5 thoughts on “Happy links roundup”

  1. Hi there..

    Just happened across your blog while winging around the blogosphere… Love what you are trying to do here.. Very inspiring and a very inspiring concept for a blog!


  2. Alexander,

    I finally got some time to look at your BLOG and I am so glad that Donna connected us. I really enjoy what I have read so far and look forward to becoming a regular reader.

    In response to your email to me from earlier this week, I am back in Austin next week so perhaps we could find some time to chat via the phone when you have time.

    Great job on the BLOG and I am going to add you to my links so my readers can see your great work.

    Ripple On!!!

    Steve Harper

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