March 31 2015 is International Quit Your Crappy Job Day

Too many people stay for too long in jobs they hate. An estimated 20-25% of employees hate their jobs and wish they could quit tomorrow.

This is bad for you. Being unhappy at work can destroy your career, your health, your family and your private life.

Quitting is an option and often itís the best option. That’s why we’re declaring March 31 to be International Quit Your Crappy Job Day.

We’ve created a web site for it, where you can test yourself to see if it’s time to quit and get knowledge and inspiration to actually do it.


Know someone who’s miserable at work? Share the site with them and maybe that can inspire them to move on to something better.


3 thoughts on “March 31 2015 is International Quit Your Crappy Job Day”

  1. Last year I quit mine job and now I live my live to the fullest my destination. And I like to support your declaration Quit Your Crappy Job Day.

  2. I quit mine a couple of weeks ago, Mar 2015, and I didn’t know there is a I QUIT day.
    I was suffering depression anxiety anger hopelessly and downright lunacy after years of enduring being harassed and blackballed.

    I’d had one phone interview with obe company and two face interviews with another company, but no offers.

    I was going to die have a breakdown or be fired, so I gave notice but asked to be immediately released if they agree.

    Two days later I got an offer. I had no money in bank no roommate no mate. It wasn’t worth facing that environment one more moment people.
    I’ve been recuperating at home and new job is more than I imagined…cubicle to huge office, these people spoke their respect for me from how I came across in the two interviews.

    Good luck to all. We deserve to retain our dignity and sanity in any work place.

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