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Art and artists inspire us. And the interesting thing is that the way workers approach work is starting to look more and more like the way artists approach art.


After all, what is art? Art is the creative process and it goes through all fields. Einstein’s theory of relativity – now that is a work of art! Einstein was more of an artist in physics than on his violin. Art is this: art is the solution of a problem which cannot be expressed explicitly until … Continue Reading ››

Crane, moon, chimney

The other morning as I was leaving for work the view from our bedroom window contained this tableau:

I had to grab the camera, improvise a stand of 3 books I grabbed off the bedroom floor and try to catch it.

And here's a sunrise from the other day:

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Billy Idol

Billy Idol was in Copenhagen last night playing at a sold out Vega. In short: He still rocks. It was great to hear Rebel Yell, White Wedding (my favourite) and the concert closer, a 15-minute long excellent version of Mony Mony.

Laugh of the evening: Billy Idol presenting the band:
On drums [some name]. … Continue Reading ››