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Democracy and how we govern

Americans die younger, so US companies make billions Sometimes you put on your tinfoil hat… and turn out to be right. Something so insane came along today that I just had to drop everything else and make this video. I give a little glimpse of how bad the US pension system is because it directly incentivizes companies when their employees die younger. I contrast … Continue Reading ››

Does Musks twitter chaos hide a shady secret? Musk first 3 weeks at twitter have been characterized by chaos and cruelty all around. But why? What purpose does the senseless abuse serve? In this video I argue that the only way it makes sense, is if Musk is trying to turn twitter into a compliant organization that will go along with anything Musk orders, … Continue Reading ››

11 government policies that promote happiness at work to give a country a competitive advantage

Discussing public policy in Dubai

Given that happy companies have significant competitive advantages, governments have a strong interest in enacting public policies that promote happiness at work in their country. But what exactly could a government do to achieve this? At the World Government Summit in Dubai earlier this … Continue Reading ››

Steve Forbes doesn’t get it – or why having the world’s highest taxes is a good thing

Steve Forbes was in Denmark this week on a European tour, meeting with political and business leaders. His main message was that while Denmark has arguably the strongest economy in Europe right now, the high danish taxes are limiting our economic growth. And danish taxes are very high: The highest tax bracket kicks … Continue Reading ››