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My speaking gigs

I have a TON of international speaking coming up

I have a TON of cool international speaking gigs coming up over the next couple of months, including these:

And for those keeping score, it currently looks like Australia will be the 49th country we’ve spoken in and Canada will be number 50!

You should subscribe to our Youtube channel

We are really close to 1,000 subscribers on our Youtube channel which will unlock some new features in Youtube – so could you do us a favor and click here and subscribe to the channel? Thank you :)

The channel has a ton of popular videos on happiness at work and we regularly add new ones.

Here are three of our favorites:

  1. 5 surprising results from the science of happiness at work
  2. Two simple and cheap ways to make your employees happier
  3. Happiness at work on a nuclear submarine

Thank you :)

I’m back from speaking in Shanghai and Austin

We’re back from 2 AWESOME weeks in Shanghai and Austin. It’s just crazy how the interest in happiness at work is growing all over the world.

In  Shanghai I spoke at a management seminar for 100 managers from Hermés in the region. Hermés already has a strong focus on employee happiness. They LOVED my talk and are now taking this message to all stores and offices in the region.

In Austin I spoke at the WorkHuman conference, which is essentially all about happiness at work. Other speakers included Simon Sinek and Amal Clooney, so I was extra proud that several people called my speech their favorite from the event :)

My books in very good company at WorkHuman:

The entire team on stage:

Signing books after my talk:

Client feedback

I did two workshops in Belgium last week for a repeat client. Their feedback was simply this:

“You are second to none. Thank you so much once again.”

We also just calculated the average client rating for our last 300 speeches and workshops and it’s 9.6/10. That’s just awesome.

UPDATE: Just got some more feedback from the same client:

We had 2 REALLY GREAT days with Alexander.

The response has been huge! The HR department is the most popular department for the moment 😊

One of our clients won a prize for being happy

I just got an email from Anders Pallesen, the HR director of Danish IT company Elbek & Vejrup. They recently made it to the top of the Danish Great Place to Work list and here’s what he wrote:

Yesterday we won an award as the best IT workplace in Denmark. This journey started 3 1/2 years ago with your workshop.

Thank you very much for helping us and for inspiring us to go in this direction.

The things you taught us back then are very much alive and often mentioned and happiness is still a fundamental theme for us.

Wow. Nothing makes me happier than knowing that the things we teach our clients work and makes them happier and more successful.

Congratulations to Elbek & Vejrup on their continued focus on happiness.

Here’s a Google translation of an article about their award.

Happy Holiday Greetings

All of us at Woohoo Inc would like to wish you a happy holiday season and an AWESOME new year at work and in life.

We’ve had a great 2017. Here are some of the things we’re most proud of:

  • We’ve now worked with clients in almost 50 countries – Ukraine is the latest addition to the list.
  • Our new book “Leading With Happiness” just came out and is getting rave reviews. Stanford professor Bob Sutton called it “compelling, useful, well-researched, and downright fun to read.”
  • The average customer rating for our speeches and workshops is still 9.7 out of 10.
  • We held our first international happiness at work conference with participants from 17 countries.
  • We now have partners in almost 30 different countries, including Bahrain, Colombia, Hong Kong and Australia who use our tools and methods to promote happiness at work.

In 2018 we’re especially excited about:

Happy Holiday Greeting,

Arlette, Alexander and Patricia

Woohoo Inc.

Upcoming open international events in 2018

Most of our speeches and workshops are for clients and limited to only their people, but I do have some really cool open international speaking gigs coming up in 2018. If you want to know all about creating happier and more successful workplaces, here’s your chance.

Jan 25 in Vienna, Austria: Workshop on happiness at work
I’m doing my first ever workshop on happiness at work in Austria together with our partners from Happy People Beter Business.

February 16-19 in New York City, USA: Woohoo Academy
We’re taking our intensive 3-day Academy training to NYC for the second time. Read more and sign up here.

March 20 in Eindhoven, The Netherlands: Happy People Better Business
Keynote on Leading With Happiness. Read more and sign up here.

April 5 in Austin, USA: WorkHuman Conference
I’ll be doing a speech on The Power of Positive Feedback at Work. Other speakers include Brenée Brown and Simon Sinek.

May 17+18 in Copenhagen, Denmark: International Conference on Happiness at Work
This is our 9th annual conference. 10 fascinating speeches, 4 in-depth workshops and 300 engaged participants from all over the world. Learn more and sign up here.

June 14-15 in Bordeaux, France: International Days on Happiness at Work
This event is arranged by our partners at Happiness at Work France. See the full program and sign up here.

June 26-29 in Copenhagen, Denmark: Woohoo Academy
Join the European edition of our intensive 3-day Academy training. Read more and sign up here.

November 1st in Prague, Czech Republic: 4th Happiness@Work conference
I’ll be back for the 4th time to keynote at this awesome event. More details to follow – read about the 2017 conference here.