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Meet the newest certified Chief Happiness Officers

Our latest Chief Happiness Officer Academy was a huge hit with 18 engaged participants from 12 countries who are now ready to go out and make workplaces awesome.

The only thing that wasn’t great about the Academy was the Copenhagen winter weather, but that might be a good thing. One participant wrote this in LinkedIn afterwards:

“It’s been raining most of the last four days here in Copenhagen, which has probably been a blessing, because otherwise I might spontaneously combust from all the incredible energy that’s been generated at the Chief Happiness Officer Academy.”

We had a great time going through the latest research and best practices on happiness at work. We also had a fantastic visit to DHL Express Denmark, where their HR Manager Sarah Olsen gave a passionate tour and talk about their happy culture.

Here are some of my favorite pics from this Academy:

More amazing work from our global partners

In 2015 we started the Woohoo Inc Partnership and we now have partners promoting happiness at work in 30 countries.

We are incredibly proud to be supporting these amazing people. Here are some examples of the fantastic work they do.

Argentina: Team building with purpose

Grupo Aukera in Buenos Aires did a teambuilding workshop for a big international insurance company where the teams had to work together to assemble bicycles.

But there was a surprise:

While the teams were working, they all thought that the bicycles would be drawn by the participants or that they would be left for the winning group.

The surprise was that by the end of the game when the bicycles were finished, the real “clients” were poor children who received help from an NGO and used bicycles not only for playing but also to go to school or to the dining room where they they served food daily. In this way the concept of “Results” came up very clearly, understanding the meaning of our work.

What a great idea – and one that lead to a 50% improvement in that division’s satisfaction surveys.

Lebanon: The country’s first ever conference about happiness at work

Randa Farah of I have Learned Academy arranged a conference on happiness at work in Beirut and over 300 people came and saw some great local and international speakers at a very creative and fun event.

Belgium: Running a happiness program at the Department of Education

Tryangle are currently running a program which consists of a hybrid pack of webinars and keynotes on how to become happier at work with a focus on teamwork and communication. Griet Deca from Tryangle noted that:

Everybody in the department can enroll in their activities and for the first webinars we had a lot of participants. They were actively engaged creating a lot of interaction. And that made Kim, who did the webinar, also happy!

Hybrid learning tracks help to a) balance the budget and b) keep the happiness-idea alive all through the year. The fact that the participants of the webinars will meet the webinar animator is a big added value according to the feedback we get.

The public sector needs more happiness at work and doing a blend of online and physical learnings helps make the training more effective and affordable.

Poland: Putting workplace happiness on the agenda for the first time

Many Central and Eastern European countries have no tradition for focusing in happiness at work so getting attention can be tough. But Kasia Kern has been very successful in changing the conversation using a combination of social media, webinars and physical meetups.

I put together 1 hour webinar called “10 ways to become happier a work”. I remember that I posted it in the network and I literally went for vacation with my family. While sitting on the beach, I couldn’t believe what was happening, I was getting one email after another notifying me that another person register on my webinar.

When I came back I did my first webinar for 100 people, much more than I expected. So I repeated it several times and there was a similar audience each time.

I then decided to organize a few free of charge meetings in the biggest cities in Poland, to share more on Happiness at Work and included local companies to share their best practices. These events have also been sold out and attracted a lot of attention.

She will also be doing Poland’s first conference on happiness at work later this year!

Czech Republic: The world’s biggest conference on Happiness at Work

Our partners in the Czech Republic have done an annual conference on happiness at work for 4 years. It started out small with 70 participants but the latest edition had over 500 attendees, making it the biggest conference about happiness at work anywhere in the world.

UK: Rocking a closing keynote

Sarah Metcalfe of Happy Coffee Consulting in the UK gave the closing keynote at a conference called When Digital Becomes Human. She got awesome feedback, lots of questions and a 4.5/5 speaker rating.

Slovenia: Getting published

Petra and Maja of Paleta Znanj managed to get workplace happiness into some of the major business publications in Slovenia:

We prepared two articles on happiness at work for two professional magazines and they will be published in April and May. First will be an article for Direktor (a magazine focusing on development of managers) with more focus on long term and strategic advantages of H@W and leading with happiness. The second one comes out in May for an HRM magazine (focused on HR professionals) about happiness at work and its importance for a positive organizational culture.

Both magazines have a reach of few thousands, which is quite a lot for our country.

Israel: Launching a happiness board game

Games are a great path to learning and PlusConsulting in Israel have launched one that is focused on strengths and happiness at work:

FINDING THE PLUS is an interactive fun game that boosts happiness and enables participants to learn tools and solutions from the sciences of happiness at work and positive psychology.

“Finding the PLUS” game, will help you learn to implement and practice the positive perspective in a fun and engaging way. Through the game the players will get familiar with the four aspects of positive psychology: mental, emotional, physical and social. They will learn and practice new techniques that will enable them to increase their happiness level, become more empowered, improve their performance as well as their wellbeing.

How awesome is that!

Italy: The first conference about happiness at work

People 3.0 arranged their country’s first ever conference on workplace happiness with local and international speakers and 100 participants.

Much more coming

There are many, many more great things coming from the partner network. They are, without exception, smart people with great skills who are doing amazing work. If you’re looking for a local speaker or consultant to make your organization happier and more successful, you can see the whole list of partners here.

Are you interested in becoming a partner? Read all about the partnership here.

Our 2nd International Partner Meetup was a blast

Last week we invited our Woohoo Inc Partners to Copenhagen for the second international partner meetup and let me just get this out of the way: These people ROCK.

20 partners from 9 countries made the trek to cold and snowy Copenhagen for two days of fun, learning and knowledge sharing.

I am completely blown away by the amazing work they do all over the world promoting happiness at work and by the passion and smarts they bring to the table.

ROCK ON, partners!

2018 – our most international year ever

2018 has been our awesomest year yet, not to mention our most international year ever :) It’s pretty stunning to see the change that a small Danish company has been able to inspire in workplaces all over the world.

Here are some highlights from our 2018 at Woohoo inc – and let us just take this chance to wish you an incredibly happy 2019!

50 countries!!!

In November I spoke to 1,000 government managers and executives at a conference in Ottawa. That was our first ever speech in Canada, and that means that we have now spoken in 50 countries around the world. You can see the whole list here.

Partners in 29 countries

We now have partner companies using our tools and methods in 29 countries!

We could not be prouder of the AMAZING work they are doing all over the world, including:

International survey on good days at work

Together with our partners we conducted an international survey to find out how often people have a good day at work and what makes it a good day. We collected data from 2,500 workers around the world and you can see the results here.

New book: Leading With Happiness


Our latest book Leading With Happiness is getting rave reviews and is currently being translated into Danish and Arabic.


In May we held our 9th Conference on Happiness at Work and it was truly our best one yet. You can see all the talks here. The audience favorite was Garry Ridge, the CEO of WD-40 Company, who shared how a happy culture has made his company a global success.

Sold-out CHO Academy in Copenhagen

Our most recent Chief Happiness Officer Academy in Copenhagen was a huge hit and completely sold out with a long waiting list.

15th company anniversary party

Woohoo inc has been in business since 2003 and we celebrated our company’s 15th birthday with an EPIC Great Gatsby themed party.

More AMAZING work from our partners around the world

We are constantly blown away by the great work our international partners do to promote happiness at work around the world. Here are just a few recent examples.


PlusConsulting in Israel did a Workplace Happiness seminar for 45 HR managers from leading organizations. They presented a case study of a big retail company that they have been working with for the last 2 years, to train all their managers with leading with happiness tools, and many other happiness tips. They have also been working with the National insurance services’ headquarters to involve positive psychology tools like mindfulness, appreciative inquiry and strengths in their daily routine.


Florian Amstutz of PeopleUp in Switzerland did a presentation on happiness and change management for 120 managers from a company. He had lot of fun and the CEO was really happy with the speech.

Hong Kong

TGI Monday in Hong Kong have developed a workshop called Choosing Happiness at work which is dedicated to any employee willing to increase its happiness at work. It includes a lot of videos, good practices examples from caring organizations for Hong Kong FCCIHK – as you can see above, people love it :)


Mush Panjwani from Hong Kong will be going to Pakistan to do the first ever training on happiness at work in that country.


Happy Office from Holland did two sold-out workshops at the Agile India conference.


Vega IT Sourcing in Serbia did a charity relay race where 83 teams participated on a sunny Sunday morning to help children without parental care.


Nicolai Knudsen had a breakthrough in his work to make the Danish military a happier workplace when he gave a keynote at a conference for the organisation for personal advisors and colleague support, a voluntary organisation within the Ministry of Defense that helps people cope with personal problems, stress, offensive behavior, sexism, trauma and PTSD.  The head of the MoD center for workplace environment health and safety was really inspired and had never seen that approach, despite having worked with health and safety in over two decades.


Mari Niwa from Ideal Leaders in Tokyo came up with a new way for coworkers to praise each other. In Japan people are a little shy, so rather than doing it in public, you can put up envelopes for each person and then people can praise you by writing a note and sticking it in your envelope.


Dr. Jenny Brockis recently delivered the closing keynote on  Thriving@Work at a huge retail conference in Melbourne which was really well received and she’s now getting many more inquiries about this topic as organisations wake up to the need to improve their employees’ experiences at work to boost productivity, performance and overall happiness.


Paleta Znanj in Slovenia are wrapping up a 2-year project of rebuilding/upgrading organizational culture in one great and very successful small company (up to 20 employees, 25 years on the market) who needed help to cross the gap between financial and organic growth (high profits, low employee satisfaction), and to enter “modern age” of leadership. They helped align the company culture with their current and future needs, to make a shift from being profit oriented culture to being people and client oriented one and so to bring more happiness into their working lives and did analysis, counseling, team buildings, coaching, workshops and introduce a tool/system called the Growth Book.

11 new Woohoo Partners from 9 countries

In 2015 we launched Woohoo Partners, an international network of consultancies and speakers who deliver services around happiness at work based on our tools and methods.

And the network is growing like crazy. In just the last 2 months, we have added 11 new international partners from Bahrain, Dubai, Australia, UK, USA, France, Switzerland, The Netherlands and Hong Kong. How absolutely AWESOME!

You can see the entire list of partners here. If you’re looking for a skilled speaker or consultant to come and make your organization happier and more successful, these are all amazing.

And if you’re thinking about building a business spreading happiness at work, you should consider joining as a partner – you can read all about it here.


Our 3rd international Woohoo Academy was a huge hit

2016-06-24 16.14.18

Last week we held the 3rd international Woohoo Academy. 21 people from 12 countries (including Malaysia, India, China and Canada) came to Copenhagen to learn all about happiness at work in our most intensive, in-depth, 3-day training.

It was a major hit – everyone loved it and everyone passed. Not only did we get to share everything we know about creating happier workplaces, the participants also got to share their best experiences and tips with each other and with such an experienced and varied group, that was incredibly valuable for both them and us.

Our next Academy is on October 18-21 in New York City. Read more and get your tickets here.

UPDATE: Our partner in Hong Kong wrote about his experience at the Academy here, saying:

Besides gaining in-depth and latest information on the subject, I have also learnt to pass on the knowledge and tools to professionals and leaders through short keynotes or full-day workshops.

It was one of the best training events, and included field trips, sightseeing and lots of fun and games.

Here are some of our favorite pics from 3 amazing days in Copenhagen.