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Happy at work in Chile

I’m currently in Chile to do 2 speeches for Transbank, a credit card transaction company that is already #1 on Chile’s Great Place to Work ranking.

After my first speech, Christian Castro of Transbank sent me this video to show me a woman here in Chile, who is clearly very happy at work :)

I’m speaking at Transbank’s annual employee retreat. This year, to really recognize the importance of emotions at work, they’ve themed the event after Pixar’s awesome Inside Out movie.

I quickly grabbed the chance to dress up as my favorite character from Inside Out:


The stapler that travels the world

Tons of people all around the world follow the continuing adventures of the 4th floor stapler from Innocent’s London HQ:

As these things often do, it started with a minor act of rebellion. A person pushed by circumstance into an act they never thought they’d be capable of. One morning, driven over the edge by one label too many, they grabbed the fourth floor stapler and took it to the second floor. The world would never be the same again.


And then things escalated and the stapler has nown been to The Ritz, to Finland, to New York and to Disneyland – just to mention a few of its travels.


That’s just hilarious. Here’s the whole story of the 4th floor stapler… so far.

Ever seen something similar where you work?

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