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The happiest doctor I’ve ever seen

Giving a child an injection is important – but not likely to make anyone very happy. Unless you do it the way this pediatrician does.

Here’s the best part: We showed this video at our most recent Woohoo inc Academy and it turned out that one of the participants had been a patient of this doctor. He’s retired now, but she told the group how awesome it was to be his patient, how he was always friendly and happy and how she basically had to be kicked out once she grew up and had to start seeing a “big-girl-doctor”.

Take the Whiteboard Challenge – and help improve it

A loooong while back we shared the idea of playing a game in the office, where you challenge coworkers to come up with ideas that combine two existing themes. You may even offer a small prize for the funniest or most creatives replies.

Here are two examples contributed by Destiney from Colorado Mountain College Steamboat Springs:

80s Songs & Sweets Movies & Food


Destiney is also looking for more ideas for themes.

Here are two I came up with:

Baked goods + TV show: Game of scones. Breading bad.

Celebrity + Car: Harrison Ford :) Too easy?

There must be a million more. What combination would you suggest? Write a comment!

A very happy dancing teacher

This is fantastic. From the video description:

RCA students and founder Ron Clark decided to accept the dance challenge over the weekend. What was meant to be a quick and fun video turned into an international sensation, receiving over 60 million social media “likes.” The video is an example of RCA’s efforts to show that by meeting students where they are you set them up for success.

 I love it.