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WHAT a party

WOW – what a party :) On Friday we celebrated Woohoo inc‘s 15th birthday with 100 people at a Great Gatsby night and it was AMAZING.
This was a night to remember and a perfect celebration of our 15 years of work with happiness. Here are some of our favorite pics from the night.

Southwest flight attendant makes a dream come true

Wow. Just wow.

Tracy Sharp, a woman with Down’s syndrome, was talking to Vicki Heath, a Southwest Airlines flight attendant, on a flight she was taking and shared that her dream was to be a flight attendant herself.

Heath then did just about the coolest thing ever: She arranged for Tracy to join her on one of her flights as an assistant flight attendant. In the video above you can see just how awesome that went.

There are many such stories of Southwest Airlines staff going above and beyond (this one is my favorite) and I think it just goes to show that when employees are happy, they are much more likely to do nice things for the customers and create good memories for others.