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My reviews of great fiction books

Book review: Pattern recognition

William Gibsons new book held a strange attraction for me, one I find it very difficult to explain.

We all know that Gibson has come a long way since the days of Neuromancer and the two followups, and pattern recognition is the logical conclusion to the direction his latest books have been taking. But at the same time, he also revisits themes and ideas from his cyberpunk books, especially from Count Zero.
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Book review: Down and out in the magic kingdom

Cory Doctorow has written his first novel. It’s a science fiction story, set in the Bitchun society about 100 years from now, where the world has turned disneyesque.

I liked the story, and I loved the neat, far out or just plain weird ideas and concepts. What’s most remarkable about the book though, is that it’s available either in a dead tree version or for free on the net. Yep, you can download the whole book to your PC or palm or just read it in the browser as I did.