Book review: Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix

I just finished reading the order of the phoenix by J.K. Rowling in 3 days, which should tell you something about how exciting it is. This book fully lives up to the promise of the previous books.

And J.K. Rowling does so much more than just rehash the same concepts and characters. New themes appear throughout the book, fleshing out the description of the wizarding world, and giving us deeper insight into many of the main characters.

The mood of the book is very dark, and the challenges they face are greater than ever – giving them a chance to yet again rise above themselves. And as always, good values like loyalty, trust, friendship and courage carry our protagonists forward. Theyn don’t win simply by being the strongest.

This may ultimately be the strongest force of the series, they way the characters are allowed to grow not only older but also more complex, realistic, stronger and more experienced through their trials.

This book is a very satisfying read, and I recommend to any Harry Potter fan.

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