Book: Happy Hour is 9 to 5


ďItís very, very good. Itís incredibly well written, full of insights, and there are exercises to improve your own happiness at work. You canít ask for more than that!Ē
– David Maister, author of Practice What You Preach

“I have read well over 100 articles/books on topics covering happiness in the workplace and your book was by far one of the best. In fact, it was so informative that I went on and sent the link to your book to my entire professional network.”
– Chris Hollins, President,

About the book

Happy Hour is 9 to 5 gives detailed, practical advice on building the skills and energy to become happier and more successful at work.

Learn how to deal with everything from nightmare bosses, bullies, miserable co-workers, long-running conflicts, stifling bureaucracy and management who refuse to see anything beyond the bottom line.

Itís also full of inspiring real-life stories: of a temp worker cheering up her co-workers with small, random acts of kindness. A group of nurses rebel against the hospitalís sour mood and turn their ward into a happy place. A programmer at a bank learns what it takes to turn his department from boring to fun.

Alexander speaks from his own experience, both as co-founder of the Danish IT Company Enterprise Systems and as an expert on workplace happiness for clients including Hilton, Microsoft, Lego, Ikea, Shell, HP and IBM. His work has been featured in the Sunday Times, New York Times, and BBC Radio 4ís In Business.

Get the book

The book is out in English, Spanish, Chinese, Czech, Turkish, Dutch, Danish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Indonesian and Farsi.


Here’s a free ebook you can download with several practical exercises you can use to improve your own happiness at work.