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Join our “Leading With Happiness” seminar in Copenhagen

Studies clearly show that a manager’s behavior has a huge influence on happiness at work. Good leaders motivate and energize their employees and create a level of happiness that make employees go the extra mile for the workplace and the customers. Bad managers on the other hand spread frustration and stress all around them.

This Leading with Happiness seminar is based on the newest research and knowledge about Happiness at Work. It will be inspiring and with useful tools. There is a constant shift between presentation, videos, reflection, dialog and exercises.

As a leader you will also get both the knowledge and tools you need to make your people happy at work. And it doesn’t take much. Happiness at work is not about raises, bonuses, perks and promotions – it comes from simple, effective actions that any leader ought to know and do.

When & where

Wednesday November 21st, 2018 from 9:00 – 16:00 in Copenhagen.


See the full agenda and sign uo here.

Another CHO is born

Kristian Fischer, The Global VP of Professional Services at Tradeshift just changed his title to Chief Happiness Officer. Here’s how he announced it:

Yes! Finally got a new a new title – and I’m loving it already…

Strongly inspired by a great new book by Alexander Kjerulf I have taken a decision to change my title to (CHO) Chief Happiness Officer.

And that basically means that my main objective will be to make my colleagues happy. And if they are happy, so are our customers.

And if my customers are happy, I’m happy. And when I’m happy, so is my family.

What’s not to love…

How awesome :)

Here’s  my article on why every company should have a Chief Happiness Officer.

Your job: Make someone smile!

Danish CEO and entrepreneur Peer Krogh had one main message for his employees:

”The most important thing is really this:

Have you made someone smile today?

If you have, you’ve done a good job.”

He passed away in 2013, but the company still has that message written in the office and on badges like the one you see above.

What a great example of Leading With Happiness.

WD-40 Company keeps growing – and their happy tribe is why

One of our speakers at the 2018 International Conference on Happiness at Work is featured in an article called WD-40 Company Keeps Growing in This $1 Billion Market which lists the phenomenal results they’ve gotten recently:

If you look at the numbers, though, this is a fantastic business with high rates of return well suited for long-term investors.

This past quarter, the company continued to grow both the top and bottom lines and showed that it’s doing well at exploiting its most promising growth opportunity.

WD-40 is in a relatively mature market, so it’s remarkable that management continues to find avenues to grow sales and earnings.

At our conference, WD-40’s CEO Garry Ridge will explain the main reason behind this success: They’ve built a culture that is characterized by a sense of belonging, communication, having shared values, and continual learning between elder tribal leaders and younger tribe members.

Yes – they don’t see themselves as a team but a tribe, where employees don’t just work – they belong.

Garry is a truly inspiring speaker and what they’ve achieved at WD-40 is definitely worth learning from.

See the full conference program and get your tickets here.

Watch my keynote from the Happiness@Work conference in Prague

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of giving the closing keynote at the 3rd annual Happiness@Work conference in Prague to a sold-out audience of 350 people.

I spoke about Leading With Happiness based on my new book and you can see the entire speech above.

My new book, Leading With Happiness, is out TODAY

“Leading with happiness is compelling—it’s useful, well-researched, and downright fun to read.”
– Robert Sutton, Stanford professor and author

My latest book, Leading with Happiness: How the Best Leaders Put Happiness First to Create Phenomenal Business Results and a Better World is out TODAY and I could not be more excited.

The book presents a simple but radical idea: The fundamental goal of any leader should be to increase happiness in the world. Leaders who don’t do that, are doing it wrong.

Drawing on lessons from psychology, neurobiology and philosophy, the book demonstrates why leaders should put happiness first – for themselves, their employees, their customers, and the wider world – and why happy leaders are more successful.

It’s been very well received already. Garry Ridge, the CEO of WD-40 Company, said “Every leader should read it. That type of leadership has been integral to our success and I know it will boost your results too.” Henry Stewart, the CEO of Happy said “This is a book that the world needs. It will move you. It will excite you. It will inspire you. And it could well change your life.”

The initial reviews on Amazon are VERY positive too:

You can read more about the book on its website at and you can buy it on Amazon as a Kindle e-book or as a paperback.

Read My Next Book Before Everyone Else and Completely FREE

I am REALLY excited to announce that my next book “Leading With Happiness” comes out on November 21st. Read all about it here.

You are hereby cordially invited to read it completely FREE and before it goes on sale. The only thing we ask in return, is that you review it online when it is published. Click here to see how it works and sign up to The Early Reviewers Secret Club :) Access is limited to the first 500 people and you must sign up no later than November 2nd.

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Leading with Happiness – my speech from the World Happiness Summit in Miami

At the World Happiness Summit in Miami I gave a 15-minute speech on Leading with Happiness – the same topic I’m covering in my next book.

In the video I share what’s wrong with traditional leadership and its relentless focus on business results and give some great examples of leader who create more happiness for themselves, their employees, their customers and the world.