Get my books (Happy Hour is 9 To 5 and Leading With Happiness) free of charge

Times are tough for for workplaces all over the world right now. I would like to share some of my tools in the hope that maybe it can help a little.

So I’m making my two main books available as pdf downloads free of charge for anyone who wants them. There’s also no annoying email signup required or anything – just click below to download either book.

Happy Hour is 9 To 5

Its very, very good. Its incredibly well written, full of insights, and there are exercises to improve your own happiness at work. You cant ask for more than that!
David Maister, author of Practice What You Preach

I have read well over 100 articles/books on topics covering happiness in the workplace and your book was by far one of the best. In fact, it was so informative that I went on and sent the link to your book to my entire professional network.
Chris Hollins, President,

This book clearly explains what happiness at work is (and isn’t) and what each of us can do to have work we love.

Click here to download Happy Hour Is 9 To 5.

Leading With Happiness

What an inspiring book. Every leader should read it and learn how to promote happiness for employees, customers, suppliers, investors, and even the leader him- or herself. That type of leadership has been integral to our success and I know it will boost your results too.
Garry Ridge, CEO WD-40 Company

This book presents a simple but radical idea: The fundamental goal of any leader should be to increase happiness in the world. Leaders who dont do that are doing it wrong.

Drawing on fascinating lessons from psychology, neurobiology and philosophy, the book demonstrates why leaders should put happiness first for themselves, their employees, their customers, and the wider world and why happy leaders are more successful.

Click here to download Leading With Happiness.

If you’d prefer to have either book as a kindle ebook or on paper (how old-school) they are available here and here.

3 thoughts on “Get my books (Happy Hour is 9 To 5 and Leading With Happiness) free of charge”

  1. I cannot thank you enough for this very generous initiative. I purchased your books years ago and love them (I am old school, they are sitting on my shelves!) and know they are a solid foundation for anyone willing to change things for them and other people.

    Allowing more people to get access to your work is a fantastic opportunity to exemplify how we can all make a difference during these tough times.

    Your gesture is a very humbling one, thanks again

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