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Warning: Deep thoughts ahead.

There is no either/or

I’m currently reading Ken Wilbers book No Boundary. The book states, that the boundaries we perceive in the world, are only products of our perception, and not really a part of the world.

Every time we divide the world into us and them, good and evil, right and wrong, guilty and innocent we’re creating divisions in our minds that are not part of the world itself. Thus, we increasingly see the world as it is not – which can hardly be a good thing.

This got me thinking about all the either/or thinking that I do, and that I see in others. And I have yet to find a single example of a valid either/or proposition. Let me explain.
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Coping with paradox

I was net-researching the concept of paradox, when I discovered this article from the CEO Refresher, which describes how you can (and should) embrace paradox in business. Excellent stuff!

Living with paradox may not be comfortable or easy, but it reflects a significant understanding of how ?things? really work.

Any over-determined behaviour produces its opposite… An awareness of the polarities and paradox can move the action forward positively.

Book review: The marriage of sense and soul

Science gives us truth. Religion gives us meaning. We need both. In this book Ken Wilber argues that we need a world view that unifies science and religion/spirituality, which is hardly news. What was new (to me at least), is that he claims that such a world view is possible, without distorting the essential nature of the two.
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