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Warning: Deep thoughts ahead.

Should you seek passion or duty at work? (Pssst: The answer is passion).

In an opinion pice in the New York Times, professor Firmin DeBrabrander argues that you should not approach work as your passion but as your duty. Looking for passion at work, he says, will make you stressed and is bound to fail anyway. I think that's complete nonsense! I know - what a shocker :) … Continue Reading ››

11 government policies that promote happiness at work to give a country a competitive advantage

Discussing public policy in Dubai

Given that happy companies have significant competitive advantages, governments have a strong interest in enacting public policies that promote happiness at work in their country. But what exactly could a government do to achieve this? At the World Government Summit in Dubai earlier this … Continue Reading ››


Love, forgiveness, people often view as part of religion. But this is a mistake. These are true humanity, had at birth by all, while religion comes much later and is part of culture. They are different. Religious faith, utilized properly, strengthens these human values. Those who claim to be religious, but are without these values, … Continue Reading ››