The meaning of life is happiness – just not your own

A few weeks ago I got the opportunity to give a speech about a brand new (for me) topic: Why are we here, alive, in this universe? What’s the meaning of life? What is a good life and how do you get it?

Based on lessons from philosophy, psychology and neuroscience, I make the claim that the purpose of life is happiness – just not your own. I also talk about how to apply that in our workplaces.

Watch the speech and tell me if you agree :)

One thought on “The meaning of life is happiness – just not your own”

  1. Amazing speech – adding philosophy hasn’t harmed the message one bit, on the contrary, it just reinforces that humans have been thinking about this subject for eons.

    On the recognition of employees who help others: What a pity if stupid KPIs should cause a company to lose the people who are the glue of the organization because they are too busy helping colleagues grow to focus continuously on their own goals.

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