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How to be happy at work

How to be an effective Chief Happiness Officer

Jonathan Mostert has written his business school thesis on Chief Happiness Officers and I got a chance to interview him about his research.

These are the questions we cover:

  • The question you looked at was ‘’How do chief happiness officer make sense of their profession?’’ What interested you about that question?
  • How many CHOs did you talk to? Who was your favorite example?
  • Some CHOs have it as a formal role, some just create it for themselves. How did that show up in your research?
  • What are some typical things CHOs do as part of their role? What was one of the best or most creative things you’ve seen a CHO do?
  • How do organizations typically react to a CHO?
  • What are some of the challenges of being a CHO?
  • What do organizations get out of having a CHO?
  • What makes a good CHO?

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Why every company should have a Chief Happiness Officer

Southwest flight attendant makes a dream come true

Wow. Just wow.

Tracy Sharp, a woman with Down’s syndrome, was talking to Vicki Heath, a Southwest Airlines flight attendant, on a flight she was taking and shared that her dream was to be a flight attendant herself.

Heath then did just about the coolest thing ever: She arranged for Tracy to join her on one of her flights as an assistant flight attendant. In the video above you can see just how awesome that went.

There are many such stories of Southwest Airlines staff going above and beyond (this one is my favorite) and I think it just goes to show that when employees are happy, they are much more likely to do nice things for the customers and create good memories for others.

Last chance to take our International Survey on Happiness At Work

Over 2,000 people have already taken our International Survey on Happiness At Work and we’re starting to see some fascinating results already.

The final report showing which countries are happier at work and what makes them happy will be ready in time for the International Week of Happiness At Work which  runs from September 24-28.

This means that the deadline for taking the survey is September 10, so we have time to crunch the numbers.

So if you haven’t taken the survey already, please go here and do it – it only takes 4 minutes and you may even learn something about what makes you happy at work.

And please share the survey with others – the more replies we get, the more relevant the results will be.

Professor explains why you should never fake being happy at work

Forget about trying to enforce positive emotions all the time. It requires extra effort and ends up being counter productive.

Emiliana Simon-Thomas, Ph.D., is the science director of the Greater Good Science Center at Berkeley and a leading expert on the neuroscience and psychology of compassion, kindness, gratitude, and other “pro-social” skills.

Watch her full speech from our 2018 Happiness at Work Conference 2018 here.

Our latest CHO Academy was a huge hit

In June we had our latest Chief Happiness Officer Academy, which is our longest and most intensive training on creating happier workplaces.

The Academy was completely sold out with 25 participants from 15 countries (and a long waiting list) and it was a huge pleasure to share our tools and methods over three days with such an engaged group.

The participant feedback has been amazing with an average rating of 9.7 out of 10. Participants wrote:

“THANK YOU! This was really fantastic.”

“I think it was just very well organized. You were just really good at taking care of us and making sure that everyone would get a good experience. The venue was perfect – very personal and cozy and super inspiring. I would like to come back.”

“It has been really an amazing experience. Amazing students, amazing teachers, amazing future that we have outlined. I have found myself for my next career :) Thanks.”

Our next two Academies have been announced. They are:

  • February 12-15 2019 in San Diego
  • June 24-28 2019 in Copenhagen

Read more about the Chief Happiness Officer Academy and sign up here.

Join our international survey on happiness at work

We want to know what makes people happy at work in different countries and you can help by participating in our international survey.

The questionnaire only has 11 questions and just takes 3-4 minutes to complete. Take it right here. You may even learn something about what makes you happier at work.

Also, please share the survey with others – the more people take it, the more useful the results will be.

We’ll be releasing the findings in time for the International Week of Happiness At Work on September 24-28.

UPDATE: In just the first 24 hours, over 100 people from 23 countries took the survey. That’s fantastic!

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Brilliant study: Chimps would rather cooperate than compete

A BRILLIANT study found that:

When given a choice between cooperating or competing, chimpanzees choose to cooperate five times more frequently.

And also that:

The chimpanzees used a variety of enforcement strategies to overcome competition, displacement and freeloading, which the researchers measured by attempted thefts of rewards.

These strategies included the chimpanzees directly protesting against others, refusing to work in the presence of a freeloader, which supports avoidance as an important component in managing competitive tendencies, and more dominant chimpanzees intervening to help others against freeloaders.

This indicates that cooperation is hardwired into humans on a biological level by evolution.

Which makes you wonder why so many workplaces heavily emphasize competition over cooperation.

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