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Leadership is an insanely important discipline. Here you’ll find the thought, tools and tricks of the trade of great leaders.

Hiring Usually Sucks – But It Doesn’t Have To. Here’s How To Hire For Happiness!

Many workplaces are stuck in a vicious cycle: Recruitment is rushed and haphazard so the workplace is unhappy so more people quit so they have to recruit even faster. We need to break this cycle. I’ve had the privilege to visit and study a lot of the world’s happiest workplaces and one thing they all do … Continue Reading ››

Yoga Classes And Stress Trainings Do NOTHING For Employees! Here’s Why – And What Companies Should Do Instead.

A fascinating brand new study by William Fleming shows that sending employees off to yoga classes, mindfulness lessons or stress management trainings has NO positive effects. In some cases it actually backfires and makes things worse.

That's a … Continue Reading ››

Free Online Talk: Why Perks Don’t Work How do you create a happy workplace? For too many workplaces, the answer to that question begins and ends with perks. The list of possible perks that I have seen workplaces offer is nearly endless with things like gyms, massages, snacks, team events, nap pods, pizza parties, team building events, discount deals and yoga classes. These things … Continue Reading ››