The Science Of Happiness At Work Is SO COOL

For the first time in human history we have actual research and data on what makes people happier and more successful in life and at work.

It would be almost criminally stupid not to study this research and apply it in out workplaces. Sadly, many workplaces are blind to all of these studies and consequently, they waste so much time and money on well-being initiatives that are doomed to fail.

Watch our 30-minute webinar and learn the 5 most important findings from the happiness research that are relevant for workplaces. Topics include:

  • The top 5 findings from positive psychology that are relevant to workplaces
  • How to apply these findings in practice
  • Pitfalls to avoid, including an overfocus on happiness
  • Examples from great workplaces who have successfully applied these ideas
  • 5 specific, simple ideas you can try in your organization

You can watch the whole thing and download my slides and other materials here.

See our upcoming webinars here.

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