Join our “Leading With Happiness” seminar in Copenhagen

Studies clearly show that a manager’s behavior has a huge influence on happiness at work. Good leaders motivate and energize their employees and create a level of happiness that make employees go the extra mile for the workplace and the customers. Bad managers on the other hand spread frustration and stress all around them.

This Leading with Happiness seminar is based on the newest research and knowledge about Happiness at Work. It will be inspiring and with useful tools. There is a constant shift between presentation, videos, reflection, dialog and exercises.

As a leader you will also get both the knowledge and tools you need to make your people happy at work. And it doesn’t take much. Happiness at work is not about raises, bonuses, perks and promotions – it comes from simple, effective actions that any leader ought to know and do.

When & where

Wednesday November 21st, 2018 from 9:00 – 16:00 in Copenhagen.


See the full agenda and sign uo here.

How common are good work days and what makes them good? See the results of our international survey.

We all have good days and bad days at work and being happy at work is not just about avoiding having bad days at work – it requires having mostly good days, where we actively enjoy our work.

But how often do people around the world have good work days and what makes them good? Is it about compensation, perks and promotions – or do we value other things more?

Our brand new survey of more than 2,500 people worldwide shows how frequent good work days are and reveals their main causes.

For instance, 1 in 3 say they have a good work day every day or almost every day – while 22% experience at most 2-3 good work days a month!

Here are the most important findings from our survey.

And here’s a video where we explain the survey and the main findings:


Here we go…

After a trip to Munich last week and Milan this week, I am now ready for my biggest international speaking tour so far. Over the next 2 months I’ll be speaking at events in Reykjavik, Nashville, Beirut, Hong Kong, Sydney, Prague and Ottawa.

Woohoo :)

WHAT a party

WOW – what a party :) On Friday we celebrated Woohoo inc‘s 15th birthday with 100 people at a Great Gatsby night and it was AMAZING.
This was a night to remember and a perfect celebration of our 15 years of work with happiness. Here are some of our favorite pics from the night.

How to be an effective Chief Happiness Officer

Jonathan Mostert has written his business school thesis on Chief Happiness Officers and I got a chance to interview him about his research.

These are the questions we cover:

  • The question you looked at was ‘’How do chief happiness officer make sense of their profession?’’ What interested you about that question?
  • How many CHOs did you talk to? Who was your favorite example?
  • Some CHOs have it as a formal role, some just create it for themselves. How did that show up in your research?
  • What are some typical things CHOs do as part of their role? What was one of the best or most creative things you’ve seen a CHO do?
  • How do organizations typically react to a CHO?
  • What are some of the challenges of being a CHO?
  • What do organizations get out of having a CHO?
  • What makes a good CHO?

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