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More things I enjoyed about Reboot6

Hey, I forgot:
* Seeing Collaboraid (started by my good friend Lars Pind) win the Reboot award for startup of the year
* Helping Lars brainstorm for his wedding speech over a beer

Collaboraid is a very worthy winner, and here’s a story that shows one of the reasons why. I’m glad to know that you can succeed and have fun working with openness and generosity, and I congratulate all the guys at Collaboraid. Share on!

Things I enjoyed about Reboot6

Reboot6 is now over, and I’m totally beat from being the Open Space host. It’s the first time I’ve hosted this many people in Open Space, but it went very well (if I do say so my self).

Here’s what I enjoyed most about Reboot6:
* The excellent speakers
* Cory Doctorow’s armoured T-shirt – possibly the coolest T-shirt in existence
* Marc Canter singing
* Reboot posts totally dominating blogbot this weekend
* The first beer after the conference – man it tasted good
* The excellent mood and energy even 10 or 12 hours into the conference
* Thomas‘ hosting
* Microsoft showing up with 20 people, 3 X-boxes and a big screen TV and being cool abut being semi-slammed at the conference
* The barbecue
* The openness that went into both the planning and the execution of the conference
* The Honorary Reboot Award Winner, the guy who singe-handedly brought the internet to Denmark (or is that brought Denmark to the internet) in 1982. A quote from him: “I did say back then, that this thing might even become bigger than the fax”.

Open Space on Open Space

Every year, open space practitioners meet to learn more about the open space method from each other. This meeting is of course held as an open space meeting – I mean, what else?

And this year, this “Open Space on Open Space” is in Denmark, on august 23-26. You can read about it here. I’ll definitely be there, trying to learn from and contribute to Open Space practice all over the world!


Last tuesday I hosted a conversation circle on leadership at Arena, and as always it was a great experience. We were a very diverse group, and we had a deep, meaningful conversation on the nature and challenges of leadership.

One question I was particularly interested in exploring was the role of leadership. What is it that leadership does in organizations and in the world? What is that happens beacuse of leaders, that would not otherwise have happened. In short, “Leadership, what is good for?”. This question is interesting to me, because it examines leadership from the outside. It’s not about trying to understand leaders, or about defining good or bad leadership. It’s an examination of the role that leadership plays. If you have any ideas on this, or any references to information, I’d love to hear about it.

After this conversation, I was particularly pleased to see that Fast Company have yet another excellent article on leadership, this time by Ronald Heifetz of Harvard.
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Go Reboot

If you’re interested in the borderland between technology and society, the Reboot 6.0 conference is definitely the place to be on June 20. The speaker lineup this year is unbelievable, and they ‘ll continue and improve on the interactive conference format they introduced last year.

“What interactive format is that, Alexander?” I hear you ask… Why, it’s Open Space Technology of course. So hurry up and sign up, there are only a very limited number of seats available this year.

Back from Slovenia

Wednesday I returned from 4 days in Slovenia, attending a conference/course/seminar on “The art of hosting”. Hosting is any activity, where you invite people to participate in a project, process, meeting, conversation etc. Being a host has some common characteristics, regardless of the type of activity or the people attending, and we explored the techniques, principles and values of good hosting.

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Cool name wanted

In a couple of days time, I’ll be starting my new company. The company will work with happiness at work, with new ways of working and meeting. All the things I’ve been reading about, thinking about and talking about for a year now.

But the company needs a name, and that’s where I need your help. Write a comment and suggest a name. The winner will get an honourable mention here on the site.

Storytelling, visualization and happiness at work

I’m arranging a seminar on storytelling, visualization and happiness at work. It will take place in the new Arena space in N?rrebrogade 14 B in Copenhagen on friday the 25th of april from 16:00 to 18:00. We’ll start with an introduction to storytelling by Henrik Kristensen, an introduction to visualization by Ole Qvist-S?rensen and I’ll talk briefly about happiness at work. Then we’ll invite everybody to discuss the topics, and how they interrelate.

Participation is free, but you need to sign up by sending me an email at