Things I enjoyed about Reboot6

Reboot6 is now over, and I’m totally beat from being the Open Space host. It’s the first time I’ve hosted this many people in Open Space, but it went very well (if I do say so my self).

Here’s what I enjoyed most about Reboot6:
* The excellent speakers
* Cory Doctorow’s armoured T-shirt – possibly the coolest T-shirt in existence
* Marc Canter singing
* Reboot posts totally dominating blogbot this weekend
* The first beer after the conference – man it tasted good
* The excellent mood and energy even 10 or 12 hours into the conference
* Thomas‘ hosting
* Microsoft showing up with 20 people, 3 X-boxes and a big screen TV and being cool abut being semi-slammed at the conference
* The barbecue
* The openness that went into both the planning and the execution of the conference
* The Honorary Reboot Award Winner, the guy who singe-handedly brought the internet to Denmark (or is that brought Denmark to the internet) in 1982. A quote from him: “I did say back then, that this thing might even become bigger than the fax”.

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  1. What about this:

    "When we got the .dk domain, I kind of thought I could keep it for my self"


    I loved Reboot6 – no doubt. Blogging extensively about it now.

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