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See all the fascinating talks from our 2017 Conference on Happiness at Work We have now published all the amazing talks from our 2017 International Conference on Happiness at Work. You can watch every single talk from the event above or at this link. And if you think that looks awesome, join us in Copenhagen on May 17+18 2018 for the next conference. Sign up here to be … Continue Reading ››

Everyone deserves a happy career. Here’s how to get it.

Time and again, we see a bell-curve response to surveys on workplace happiness – 20% engaged and happy, 20% disengaged, 60% in the ‘so-so’ zone.

Why don’t people pay a little more attention (and a whole lot more respect!) to their own happiness – and what happens when they do? In this hilarious … Continue Reading ››

How to succeed in business if you’re not a morning person

Work has moved from cow to computer, but workplaces still favour early risers and an industrial-age view of productivity.

Camilla Kring has a PhD in Work-Life Balance and as owner of Super Navigators, makes workplaces happier by increasing the Work-Life Balance of their employees. She is specialized in creating flexible work cultures … Continue Reading ››

With Great Talent Comes Great Responsibility – how goals and KPIs demotivate the best employees

More and more workplaces want to measure everything. KPIs, scorecards and performance goals are supposed to motivate employees and help increase their productivity. But is that really a good way to motivate employees and makes them happy?

Helle Hein has a ph.d. in management and has done research on motivation for the … Continue Reading ››

Our First International Conference on Happiness at Work was a HIT! Last week we had our first ever International Conference about Happiness at Work. We've done 7 previous events but they were all in Danish (mostly). This year we took the plunge and made the whole event international and in English and we're so glad we did. 200 awesome participants from 19 countries came to Copenhagen to … Continue Reading ››

Using the Science of Happiness to Create Happier and More Successful Companies Happy workplaces are more profitable and innovative, attract the best employees and have lower absenteeism and employee turnover rates. Simply put, happy companies make more money. But how do you create a happy workplace? Many companies try and fail because they focus on the wrong things. Some of the best answers are found in the happiness science … Continue Reading ››