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New speaker announced for the International Happiness at Work Conference: Jane Barnett-Roberts of John Lewis Partnerships

Some people think it’s easy for a small company to be happy but hard or impossible for larger organizations. Well, John Lewis Partnership (JLP), a British company that operates department stores and Waitrose Supermarkets is here to show that it is possible. In fact, JLPs ultimate … Continue Reading ››

CEO Rich Sheridan explains how he created a joyful workplace This is awesome: Rich Sheridan, the CEO of Menlo Innovations explains why he created a joyful workplace and how joy has business value. Rich will talk much more about this at our International Conference on Happiness at Work in Copenhagen in May. See the program and get your tickets here. Continue Reading ››

Two of the funniest ways to create a happy workplace There are many ways to create a happier workplace but this short video has two of the funniest I've ever come across: "Sexy Powersuit Day" and "The Lift of Love." This is from our International Conference on Happiness at Work where Tim Dorsett explained how he makes Innocent Drinks a happy workplace. You can see … Continue Reading ››

WD-40 Company keeps growing – and their happy tribe is why

One of our speakers at the 2018 International Conference on Happiness at Work is featured in an article called WD-40 Company Keeps Growing in This $1 Billion Market which lists the phenomenal results they've gotten recently:
If you look at the numbers, though, this is a fantastic business … Continue Reading ››