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Learn how compassion at work boosts happiness and results

We already had a great program for our big International Conference on Happiness at Work in May – and it just got even better :)

The latest addition to the program is a talk by Vibeke Lunding-Gregersen and Henrik Tingleff about corporate compassion.

Compassion is an exceptional ability that made homo sapiens victorious in the great evolutionary race and its role in present day life is backed by solid scientific data. Learn how compassion directly increases happiness, health, well-being, performance and relationships as well as a few examples on, how to work with compassion in everyday life.

See the full program and get your tickets here.

People loved our 2017 conference – and 2018 will be EVEN BETTER

Here’ an awesome writeup from a participant at our 2017 conference on happiness at work. I especially liked this part:

“The Conference has two traditions: perfect, sunny weather and energetic and ambitious participants. Luckily, this time it was no different 🙂”

And this one:

“We left with new knowledge about happiness at work and we were given precise tools we can use right away to make Tooploox employees happier.”

AWESOME! We do the conference to give people around the world the knowledge and tools they need to create happier and more successful workplaces, so we were really happy to read this.

And our 2018 conference will be even better. See the full program here.

New speaker announced for the International Happiness at Work Conference: Jane Barnett-Roberts of John Lewis Partnerships

Some people think it’s easy for a small company to be happy but hard or impossible for larger organizations. Well, John Lewis Partnership (JLP), a British company that operates department stores and Waitrose Supermarkets is here to show that it is possible.

In fact, JLPs ultimate Purpose is “the happiness of all its members, through worthwhile and satisfying employment.”

They achieve this in part by making all employees co-owners (i.e. partners), by sharing profits and by running the company in a democratic way that encourages participation in decision making.

Jane Barnett-Roberts is JLP’s Head of Democratic Engagement meaning that she leads a dedicated team who ensure that partners’ opinions from around the Partnership are heard and continue to contribute to the overall happiness of Partners.

She will bring to life how the Partnership keeps this Purpose relevant and vibrant amongst its 85,000 Partners almost 100 Years after the business was first given away in trust to its employees.

See the full conference program and get your tickets here.

Inspiring video: The two major happiness traps you must avoid

One of the highlights of our 2009 conference on happiness at work was Dr. Srikumar S. Rao’s wonderfully inspiring and funny presentation which focused specifically on the two main traps we must avoid, that keep us from becoming happy. You can see the whole speech here.And if you like that speech, you should definitely not miss out on this year’s Happiness at Work Conference on May 17+18 in Copenhagen. It’s going to be awesome – 12 smart and passionate international speakers will show us exactly how to create happier and more successful workplaces.

See the full program and get your tickets here.

Two of the funniest ways to create a happy workplace

There are many ways to create a happier workplace but this short video has two of the funniest I’ve ever come across: ”Sexy Powersuit Day” and “The Lift of Love.”

This is from our International Conference on Happiness at Work where Tim Dorsett explained how he makes Innocent Drinks a happy workplace. You can see Tim’s full speech here.

If you want more inspiration and tools to promote happiness at work, you should come to our next conference on May 17+18 2018 in Copenhagen – it’s going to be AWESOME.

WD-40 Company keeps growing – and their happy tribe is why

One of our speakers at the 2018 International Conference on Happiness at Work is featured in an article called WD-40 Company Keeps Growing in This $1 Billion Market which lists the phenomenal results they’ve gotten recently:

If you look at the numbers, though, this is a fantastic business with high rates of return well suited for long-term investors.

This past quarter, the company continued to grow both the top and bottom lines and showed that it’s doing well at exploiting its most promising growth opportunity.

WD-40 is in a relatively mature market, so it’s remarkable that management continues to find avenues to grow sales and earnings.

At our conference, WD-40’s CEO Garry Ridge will explain the main reason behind this success: They’ve built a culture that is characterized by a sense of belonging, communication, having shared values, and continual learning between elder tribal leaders and younger tribe members.

Yes – they don’t see themselves as a team but a tribe, where employees don’t just work – they belong.

Garry is a truly inspiring speaker and what they’ve achieved at WD-40 is definitely worth learning from.

See the full conference program and get your tickets here.

We JUST announced our 2018 International Conference on Happiness at Work

I could not be more excited – we have just announced our ninth annual conference on happiness at work and this year’s program is better than ever.

We have 11 international speakers and experts to share the theory and practice of creating happy workplaces.

See the full program and get your tickets here.

And you can see 5 of the best speeches from our previous conferences here.