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Happiness at work in Russia

Russian HR Magazine

Countries in Eastern Europe have some of the lowest levels of workplace happiness among developed nations. This may be both due to a very hierarchical workplace culture and because of the lingering influence of the former communist regimes.

But maybe that can be changed a little. I was recently featured in this article from a Russian HR magazine and I’ll be speaking at the People Innovation Summit in Moscow in May.

Fun at work in India

I’m featured in the June 2012 edition of The Human Factor Magazine in India. What’s even cooler is that the main theme of that issue is fun at work.

This just reinforces what I’ve said for a long time, namely that the idea of happiness at work is spreading all around the world.

In fact, I was just booked to speak at the CFA Institute’s Fifth Annual European Investment Conference in Prague in October and that will mark the 25th country I’ve spoken in.

I honestly believe that happiness at work is inevitable and the future belongs to the happy :o)

Hmmm… is this me?

Last night I was reading the excellent thriller novel Killer Move by Michael Marshall when I came to this passage where one of the main characters arrives at his office and runs into his assistant:

“How’s…” I struggled and failed to come up with the name of her spawn. “Feeling better?”

This was not something I cared about in the least, but that morning a Danish positivity blogger had suggested going out of one’s way to attempt to get inside other people’s lives and minds, however small and unappealing they might appear, as a thought experiment in connection building.

Now this may be conceited of me but I gotta ask… is that me? There aren’t that many Danish positivity bloggers and this is exactly the kind of thing I write about, eg. here, here and here.

I’ve been featured in The Times, The NY Times, Washington Post, BBC and Economic Times of India but this would be the first time I’ve ever been mentioned in a crime novel :o)

Hooray – it’s snowing

Denmark is having the coldest winter in many years and the whole country has been covered in snow for the last several weeks. This, predictably, annoys the Danes. The roads are icy, the trains are late, your feet get wet, etc…

So last night I went on Danish TV to explain why snow makes us happier. Here’s the clip:

Basically, it’s because snow reflects light which means that the days are brighter which counteracts winter depressions (or SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder).

Recent interviews with me

MediaOne of the most gratifying things about my work, is to see how it is spreading across the world. I’m based in Denmark where the idea of happiness at work is so ingrained and commonplace, that there is even a word for it in the dictionary: Arbejdsglæde.

But more and more companies around the world are waking up to the importance of creating a workplace where employees actually like coming. For instance, I just spoke at a conference in The Bahamas and went from there to Dublin where I gave a speech to the UK division of Philip Morris.

Also, I’ve been getting a lot of press internationally – from Canada to Pakistan. Here are some of my recent international media apperances:

Chief Executive China: Happiness at work – a Chinese translation of the first chapter of my book Happy Hour is 9 to 5.

Elemente Magazine, Canada: Shiny happy people (go to page 66). It’s an excellent article with some great pics of beautifully designed workplaces.

AOL Canada: How to be Happy: A Better Life at Work. An interview with me.

The Pakistani Spectator: Interview with the Chief Happiness Officer. An email interview with me.

Christian Science Monitor: Why More Offices Are Going to the Dogs. I give my take on dogs and other pets in the office.

Strictly Business Magazine, South Africa: Innovation with a smile. An article by me on how happiness at work improves innovation.

Chronicle Herald, Canada: Put People First. Interview with me.

Sales and Marketing, Lithuania: “The Customer is Always Right” is Wrong. An article of mine.

I’m also all over the Danish media – from business papers to women’s magazines and of course, I was recently on the BBC and mentioned in the New York Times.