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Dubai pushes for more CHOs

I’m quoted in this article on Dubai’s push to introduce Chief Happiness Officers in more workplaces:

When it comes to the business of happiness, Alexander Kjerulf is an international authority.

He is the founder of Woohoo Inc, a Denmark-based firm which advises leading multinational companies on happiness at work, has written a series of books on the topic and given keynote speeches around the world.

He said he is aware of the “huge focus” on workplace happiness across the Middle East and particularly in Dubai, which he credited to its bid to become the ‘happiest city on Earth’, where it is high on the government agenda, alongside the emirate’s drive to attract top talent.


I’m a “visionario”

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Here’s a great article in Italian, that says some very nice things  about me, including this:

Alexander Kjerulf č un visionario, forse.

A loro dobbiamo immensa gratitudine. Perché solo a un visionario poteva venire in mente di creare una figura azienda denominata Chief Happiness Officer . Il manager della felicitŕ. Colui che si prende cura della buona armonia in azienda. Partendo dal presupposto, fondamentale, che una maggiore felicitŕ in azienda porta a maggiori risultati. Ci sono ormai numerosi studi che dimostrano come impiegati felici siano piů produttivi.

Or, according to google translate:

Alexander Kjerulf is a visionary, perhaps.

To them we owe immense gratitude . Because only a visionary could think of creating a figure company named Chief Happiness Officer . The manager of happiness . One who takes care of the good harmony in the company. Assuming, fundamental, that greater happiness in the company leads to greater results. There are now numerous studies demonstrating that happy employees are more productive.


I’m in Corriere Della Sera in Italy

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 15.03.31

I’m featured in the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera under the headline “Il manager della felicitŕ arriva in azienda” – The happiness manager arrives in the workplace.

I’ve been getting a lot of emails from Italy since the article came out and the message is always the same: Italian workplaces don’t focus on happiness and having a Chief Happiness Officer would be a welcome development.