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Fame, here I come :-)

I’m famous :-) This commercial is currently running on Danish TV and so far I’ve been recognized from it twice.

The ad is for a Danish union called Krifa, who distinguish themselves by focusing more on creating great work lives for their members and less on creating an adversarial relationship with employers.

Translation for non-Danes: “Our work lives change constantly, and we should be happy all along. In association with krifa, I’ve created podcasts, trainings, an ebook and a film that you can use to create more happiness and better results. See the film on”


2014-01-10 11.08.33

Ok, THAT was a challenge :o)

I spent the morning in a recording studio making a radio ad for a client. It was fun but quite challenging, repeating the same 15-second message over and over with tiny changes in inflection and tone.

They seemed happy with the result though, so I trust I did an OK job.

The TV ads they shot in December start airing tonight and the radio ads should start next week.