National Novel Writing Month

NaNoWriMo is a seriously cool project: You sign up, and the idea is that during november 2003, you’ll write a novel. To make it easier, there are no quality restrictions, only quantity: You must write at least 50.000 words. I LOVE the idea. This means no agonizing over insignificant details. It means you can’t procrastinate and delay. You’ll have to get down and write!

They offer some tips on the site, of which my favourite is:
14. If you can’t find someone to explain it to you, just make shit up. Invent. Lie. Wing it. Most people won’t notice anyway. And you can always go back and add realistic details later.

And from their FAQ:
Did you know there is a group in Vancouver that writes novels in a weekend?
Yes, and they are fools. Everyone knows that any deep and lasting work of art takes an entire month to make.

What really attracts me to this project is the implied license to fail. When you work this fast, you have to try stuff. You have to produce, and nobody can expect high quality results. So you have total freedom to try stuff – as long as you do it fast.

I actually have an idea for a novel (who doesn’t) and I just might do this.

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