Open Space week

It’s always a joy seeing Open Space meetings, and this week I’ve been part of two VERY different ones. First, last wednesday I helped organize a workshop for 25 teenagers from the worst part of Copenhagen. We’re talking 25 kids aged 12-18, with completely different attitudes and backgrounds.

But it went great! Open Space was only a small part of the day, but the kids took to it like ducks to water. They dove right in, organized the meeting and got really far in the discussions in no time. Excellent stuff!

The second Open Space meeting I attended this week was organized by Thomas Madsen-Mygdahl, to gather inspiration on creating an innovative office environment/community in Copenhagen. This was a totally different crowd, with a scary amount of talent participating. Again, the meeting got organized in no time, and the talks were open, positive, focused and creative.

So the record still stands: Every Open Space meeting I’ve ever attended or planned has been a success. Which tells me that Open Space Technology is simply a formalization of the way we humans like to meet and interact. OST is somehow natural.

BTW: I talked to Lars Pind and offered to help him with his Open Space meeting in april. Let’s see what happens there.

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