What’s in a name

One of the true pleasures of being a Kjerulf (or a Kierulff, a Kjerulff or a Kjśrulf) is to know that I’m part of a huge family of over 11.000 other Kjerulf’s. I know this beacuse of one guy, Cap Kierulff, who has collected the entire family tree going back 600 years to our common ancestor, Anders Kjaerulf. I looked myself up in the family tree, and seeing my own name in that context gave me a real sense of having roots – of being connected to history. But it doesn’t stop there: Every four years there’s a Kiermeet, an international Convention of Kierulff’s. I’m thinking of going to the next one, which is in 2006 in the Philippines.

I invited Cap to visit my website and he did. His nice comments on it can be seen here.

Interesting fact about Cap K: He was not only a witness to, but a key participant in, the birth of the “Hi-Fi” phenomenon. Read all about it.

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