Guest blogger: Liselotte Str?yberg

I will be on vacation for most of august, and while I’m gone Liselotte Str?yberg has agreed to guest blog. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Liselotte on the happiness at work project for a while now, and her contribution has been invaluable.

Liselotte has an extensive background in HR and organisational theory, and (to my continuing envy) has studied in the US under David Cooperrider, the guy who came op with Appreciative Inquiry. I’ve given Liselotte free reins on the site while I’m gone, the only condition being, of course, that all posts be positive. Thanks to Liselotte for keeping the site going while I’m away, I know it will be excellent!

I will be taking a nice long vacation. My girlfriend Patricia and I have rented an extra motorcycle from a friend, and we’ll be touring Germany, Holland and Belgium. We have no fixed plan except to drive where our fancy takes us, but we will be going here, here and here at some point.

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