One of the exercises we did at the DSN course I took last weekend, was to write our own obituaries. This sounds kinda morbid, but the point is to realize that one day you’ll die, and thus be able to focus more on what’s really important to you.

So here’s what I’d like my obit to be.

Alexander Kjerulf died last week at the age of 97 in a tragic motorcycle accident. He will be sorely missed by his family, his girlfriend Patricia, his children and grandchildren and by all who knew him well.

Throughout his life, Alexander was known for his generosity, his positive outlook and his willingness to share. People around him knew: If you needed a good idea, advice, a shoulder to cry on or a helping hand, Alexander would be glad for the chance to help.

His goal in life was to leave the world a better place, and noone can deny that he has contributed to this. He was never afraid of trying something new, and never backed away from a challenge.

You could see that he was a happy man, and that happiness spread to the people around him. Somehow, that happiness reamins, even now that he is gone.

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