I’m back

Today is my first work day after a long and excellent holiday, and MAN it’s good to be back.

Here are a few highlights from our holiday:
* Travelling through Germany, Holland and Denmark without once having to show our passports.
* Goliath and Colossos.
* Amsterdam by bicycle .
* Helping an old man push his ice-cream-cart-scooter up a hill that it couldn’t climb and getting two ice creams for it.
* The small twisty roads in the Harz region of Germany
* Getting in a mile-long traffic jam on a German highway and just riding our motorcycles throught the gaps between stalled cars.
* Portuguese tapas in Amsterdam.

By the way, I kicked of my first working day with giving a speech to 12 employees from Novo about happiness at work, and it went extremely well! In short, I’m back and I’m flying! And thanks to guest blogger Carsten for his blog entry.

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