I had the pleasure of visiting aarstiderne on monday to see how they achieve happiness at work, and the visit and conversations were extremely inspiring.

For those not in the know, aarstiderne (the seasons, in english) deliver fresh, organic vegetables and other foods straight to peoples homes. Their mission is expressed in one word, “jordforbindelse”, which means grounding or being connected to the earth, and this permeates everything they do, including how they treat employees. Much of what they say on this topic you can also hear in other companies, but these people are serious about it, and show a true dedication to the welfare and growth of their employees.

I also got the grand tour of their headquarters and surrounding organic fields and forests, and the high point of the tour was – a compost heap. Aarstiderne also test and produce organic seeds in a greenhouse and all the dead plants end up on a large compost heap right outside. Since the compost contains pumpkin seeds, and pumpkins grow well on the heap, the whole thing has beautiful orange pumpkins groing out of it. Click more to see it.

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