Standup magic

Last night was “culture night” in Copenhagen, meaning all the shops and museums were open ’till late and there was lots of music, events, sports and other fun stuff going on.

Patricia and I went to see a film consultant talk about “What are movies” illustrated by some of his favourite scenes, including:
* The balloon dance and the barber scene from “The Dictator”
* The opera scene from “Pretty Woman”
* The opening scene from “Atlantic City” where Susan Sarandon rubs lemon juice over herself
* A scene from “The Last Tycoon” with a VERY young Robert de Niro

And then we saw Rune Klan perform his unique brand of standup magic, and I nearly laughed my head of. Apart from being an extremely good stage magician, he has a wonderful hyperactive, happy and extremely funny act. This is a guy who knows great magic, but can turn it to his own use.

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