Practice of peace – part 2

We’re coming up on the end of day 2 here at the practice of peace conference. If you’re interested in what’s going on, all meeting transcripts are coming online here.

We had a really funny experience today, during a talk about “How to bear it when you realize it’s all your fault?”. The guy who was taking notes was doing it on a computer, and towards the end of the meeting, he suddenly says “I have a message from a person who’s not here.” We’re thinking “Is he channeling the spirit of a dead ancestor, or what?”. It turns out, that as we were talking and he was writing, he got an email from a friend in Ecuador, sent her the transcript, she read it and sent a comment back, which he then read to us, the comment being perfectly on topic, by the way. How “Smart Mobs” is that?

I’ve also done impro theatre in a session, confirming my knowledge that I’ll have to take that up soon. There is so much to learn from the exercises and practices in impro theatre. Tonight I’ve offered to do laughter exercises after dinner – more on that later.

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