Seeing Seattle

I’m now in West Seattle relaxing after a long day exploring this wonderful city. This wonderful lady by the name of Pam Earle offered me to stay at her place, and has been showing me the sites, including but not limited to:
* A water taxi ride into Seattle
* Pike Place market
* Coffee at the very first Starbucks
* Fresh crumpets
* A walk through downtown Seattle
* The Elliott Bay bookstore (I restrained myself and only bought $200 worth)
* Pioneer Square

We even talked to a couple of the Pike Place Fish Market guys, and they do seem really happy. The place was kinda quiet when we were there, so I may return on saturday when the fish are really flying.

While Seattle has the urban look of New York city with lots of skyscrapers, the feel of the place is much more relaxed and friendly. And the variety and quality of foods you can get at the Pike Place Market and at Pam’s local market is mind-blowing.

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