Host a murder

Last saturday the Sats Aerobics show team had its christmas party at my place, and we decided to try something new: We bought a game at Murder Mystery Games. This is not a traditional board game, it’s more like impro theater.

Every guest gets a role and when they arrive for the party they discover that, gasp, a murder has been committed and, GASP, the killer is one of the guests present. The rest of the game (maybe a couple of hours) is spent trying to figure out who the killer is. Every player gets a list of hints that they have to pass on, and based on those you should be able to figure it out. The really fun bit is to stay in character and to improvise accordingly. We had a GREAT time, and people really went to town on the costumes!

The really cool bit is that even though the game is played live, all of the management is done online. You give the site the emails of your guests, and invitations and pregame info is sent out automatically. Everything you need to actually play the game can be downloaded and printed easily for each guest.

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