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Did you know that there are now 65 book reviews on this site? Basically I’ve reviewed every business-related book I’ve read since I started this blog about a year ago with a few novels and various non-fiction thrown in for good measure. I only write reviews of the books I really like, so they’re all good, but if you held a gun to my head, and forced me to pick some favourites, I’d probably choose these (today at least, tomorrow it might be five different ones):

Paul Watzlawick: Change
When and how do people change? And when do they get stuck in situations and problems that seem hopeless?

Robert Wright: Non zero
One of the most interesting book I’ve ever read. Examines cooperation (non zero sum games) as the main driver of both the evolution of life and of human culture.Read it!!!

Dee Hock: Birth of the Chaordic Age
The story of Dee Hock and how he came to be the CEO of VISA, the worlds first chaordic organization.

Margaret Wheatley: A simpler way
This book is without a doubt the most beautiful and unconventional business-related book I’ve ever read. It describes a simpler way to live and work.

Harpo Marx: Harpo speaks
The life and times of Harpo Marx. Fascinating and extremely funny.

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