Audio book status

Here’s the current status for the Practice of Peace audio book.

Chapter Who Read Uploaded Postprocessing
1 Tova Averbuch X X X
1 Thomas Herrmann X X X
1 Genevieve Treille X X X
2 BJ Peters X X X
2 Joelle Lyons Everett X X X
3 Marei Kiele X X X
4 Christy Lee-Engel X X X
4 Lucas Gonzalez X X X
5 Karen Gorrin X
5 Avner Haramati X X X
6 Chris Corrigan X X X
6 Michael Herman X X X
7 Judith Richardson X X X
7 Audrey Coward X
8 Mikk Sarv X X X
8 Brendan MacKeague X X X

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