One of my favourite websites is, maintained by Robert Coker. The subject is of course roller coasters and similar adrenaline machines and the sense of humour, the tone and the excellent writing all make this one of the most fun websites to visit.

For a sample, check out the review of the worlds tallest and fastes roller coaster, Top Thrill Dragster in Cedar Point:
One… We start to move. Very fast. Those who aren’t yet screaming begin doing so.

Two… We must be traveling at 80 MPH and the train just keeps on accelerating like it’s got solid-propellant rockets on board. Every alarm in my nervous system is wailing at Red Alert volume.

Three… I can’t scream anymore. Unqualified terror and the forces pummeling my body literally strangle me into silence. We’re still accelerating.

Four… Knifing through the air, the train hits 120 brain-splattering miles per hour. And now things really go berserk.

Five… We rip up the first vertical curve to about 150 feet in altitude, and climb ever higher, straight into the firmament, with stupefying speed.

My adrenaline’s flowing just reading about about it :o) I’ve gotta get to Ohio one of these days. It’s one of those deals where I can hardly bear the mere thought of getting on that roller coaster – but I HAVE to do it.

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