10.000 people watching

Yesterday we had the annual Ecco Walkathon in Copenhagen, an event where people can sign up to take a walk for charity. They walk 6, 10 or 15 km. and for every km, every person walks Ecco (shoe maker) donates 5 kr. (a little under a dollar) to a charity of their choice. It’s a wonderful combination of exercise, party and charity drawing in around 20.000 people.

And Maria Hartung (a fellow instructor from the SATS fitness chain) and I volunteered to do the warm-up. For 10 minutes. Twice. In front of 10.000 people each time.

Let me tell you: I was nervous. I teach aerobics three times a week to 20-30 people. I’ve performed shows in front of 200-300. But this was a couple of orders of magnitude larger. So going on stage was a challenge. And a blast. MAN it rocks, being on stage in front of such a large audience.

The first time we went on, I snapped a picture, so this is what 10.000 people look like from the stage and this is what it looked like from the crowd.

Being up there, the buzz is incredible, the adrenaline pumps and you get this enormous rush. I want to be a rock star in my next life :o) But most of all, I want that large an audience again. Soon.

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