Buzzwords galore

Clue meterOver at you can see what it’s like to work for different companies, including this little gem:

What’s unique about working at Mark Pembrooke?

Coaching executives and using Six Sigma and Lean tools to empower individuals/teams to develop synergism within an organization, and distinction from the competition.

Riiiight. The clue-meter is reading zero but the buzzword-o-meter is in the red :o)

UPDATE: In fact, it was my clue-meter that was reading zero. It was a joke on the site and I totally failed to get it :o) I blame the unusually hot weather in Denmark right now and the fact that after spending two hours in the sun engrossed in Let My People Surf by Yvon Chouinard I’ve now got a tan on one side of my face only. Improperly balanced melanin will do that to you.

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