In London

I’m currently in London and have met with some amazingly cool people. Last night I met with fellow Dane Lars Plougmann for a pint and some great sushi. Lars recently went independent and consults banks, law firms and others on how to improve collaboration. Think wikis and stuff.

We then went to Umair Haque’s as yet nameless weekly wednesday meeting on innovation. It was basically just a bunch of guys drinking (a lot of) beer and shooting the breeze in a nice pub. Topics included blogging, how traditional media companies are dooming themselves to a slow painful death, how all communities need “a dude” and The Colbert Report.

Lars and I rounded of the evening in a great Lebanese restaurant on Edgware Road where we celebrated iftar (when muslims can eat again during ramadan) with kebabs and a shisha (water pipe).

Today’s highlights include blogging in London and a visit to WhatIf? Innovation – Britain’s happiest workplace in 2005.

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