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The 2011 WorldBlu List has just been announced – and we’re on it. Woohoo!!

WorldBlu, an American company dedicated to promote democracy in the workplace, have just released their annual list of the world’s most democratic workplaces – and we’re on it.

On this year’s list you’ll see companies like Davita, Groupon, Hulu and many other great companies who have based their organizations on freedom and democracy instead of command and control.

If you scroll through the list, you will find our company sandwiched between WD-40 and That’s what I call a place of honor :o) You can see the entire list here.

This marks first year that you’ll find any Danish companies on the list, and you’ll find no less than three! Apart from us, there’s also our good friends at Podio, makers of the coolest collaboration software I know and Valtech, a large IT consulting company.

The reason why we run our company democratically is simple: Democracy makes people happy and happy people do a better job. Because we run democratically, we are much better at fulfilling our vision of making many more people happy at work around the world.

I’ll talk more about this at WorldBlu Live in San Francisco in May, where I’ll be speaking along with many fascinating and cool people. I have been to every single one of these and they are the very best business conferences I’ve been to. They even beat the TED conference for the sheer energy, inspiration and cool people you meet. You should sign up for the WorldBlu Live conference right now or you will miss out on something amazing.

How about you? Is your workplace democratic? Are you involved in making decisions that impact youWould you like it to be?

More accolades

Top HR bloggerYaaaay: HR World has named me one of 2007’s top HR bloggers.

The funny thing is, I don’t consider this to be an HR blog – but it’s obvious that happiness at work is if interest to HR professionals. I mean, the ultimate goal of HR has to be to make employees happy at work, right?

Some previous accolades for the blog:

I’m a cool friend – of Tom Peters’

Tom PetersSo not only was my blog celebrated as an antidote for Adultitis – yet another accolade has been bestowed on me: I’m now one of Tom Peter’s cool friends. Other cool friends of Tom’s include Seth Godin, Robert Scoble, Ze Frank and Dan Pink, all of whom are now in great company. Mine :o)

There’s an excellent interview with yours truly up on, which manages to both cover a lot of ground (it gets faaaaairly philosophical at times – in a good way) while at the same time giving a pretty good overview of my thinking on happiness at work. This is mostly due to the excellent questions asked Erik Hansen who conducted the interview.

The interview is introduced with these words:

According to our new Cool Friend Alex Kjerulf, the Scandinavian languages have a word, arbejdsglæde, that means “work happiness” whereas the Japanese have the word karoshi, meaning “death by overwork” (We’re hoping you feel particularly Scandinavian today).

So if you’re feeling Scandinavian today too, why not go read the interview.

My favorite award yet: Adultitis Antidote

Adultitis Antidote Award

Kim & Jason Kotecki are on a mission: They’re fighting Adultitis. Their blog Escaping Adulthood offers up strategies from childhood to help you treat Adultitis and create a life with less stress and more fun.

And now they’re passing out awards to blogs that embody this spirit:

When it comes to the blogosphere, an Adultitis Antidote is a blog exhibiting a childlike spirit that helps counteract the effects of Adultitis by using honesty, curiosity, passion and playfulness to encourage its readers to delight in the little things, dream big, and stress less.

And they’re including my blog among the winners! Wooo-hooooo :o)

Kim wrote to me to tell me about the award, saying:

You are putting out content that needs to be heard. So many people drag themselves through their 9-5, only to spend their 5-9 recouping for another day. We see too many people living for the weekends. Your blog challenges people to step back and look at their jobs in a new light.

So often, as adults, we don’t ask “why” anymore. Yet, children are always looking for answers. The content you are providing answers many of the questions people should be asking about their 9-5, but don’t. Happiness is the key!

This is my favorite blog award so far :o)

And I have to agree that most of us are waaaaay too adult about work, taking it much too seriously and creating way too much stress in the process, even though meeting serious challenges with a playful attitude sometimes gets you much better results. In fact, one CEO of a large Danish company always told her employees:

Remember, work is just something we play at.

A great big thank you to Kim & Jason for this award which made me very happy!