The 2011 WorldBlu List has just been announced – and we’re on it. Woohoo!!

WorldBlu, an American company dedicated to promote democracy in the workplace, have just released their annual list of the world’s most democratic workplaces – and we’re on it.

On this year’s list you’ll see companies like Davita, Groupon, Hulu and many other great companies who have based their organizations on freedom and democracy instead of command and control.

If you scroll through the list, you will find our company sandwiched between WD-40 and That’s what I call a place of honor :o) You can see the entire list here.

This marks first year that you’ll find any Danish companies on the list, and you’ll find no less than three! Apart from us, there’s also our good friends at Podio, makers of the coolest collaboration software I know and Valtech, a large IT consulting company.

The reason why we run our company democratically is simple: Democracy makes people happy and happy people do a better job. Because we run democratically, we are much better at fulfilling our vision of making many more people happy at work around the world.

I’ll talk more about this at WorldBlu Live in San Francisco in May, where I’ll be speaking along with many fascinating and cool people. I have been to every single one of these and they are the very best business conferences I’ve been to. They even beat the TED conference for the sheer energy, inspiration and cool people you meet. You should sign up for the WorldBlu Live conference right now or you will miss out on something amazing.

How about you? Is your workplace democratic? Are you involved in making decisions that impact youWould you like it to be?

5 thoughts on “The 2011 WorldBlu List has just been announced – and we’re on it. Woohoo!!”

  1. We’re so thrilled to have you all on this year’s WorldBlu List 2011 and even more jazzed to have you speaking at WorldBlu LIVE in May in San Francisco! See you soon Mr. Happiness! :)

    Traci Fenton, Founder

  2. This some great news right there! Democracy in the work place is important, but some people can’t even tell if they are treated fairly. Sometimes it’s a feeling that I don’t think this is right but to continue to second guess yourself. Check this out –

  3. Hi Alexander

    I just came across your blog today. Congrats on the achievement. It’s funny because I can’t say I’ve ever consciously considered whether a company I’ve worked for is democratic or not. In my experience there are only limited times when I can think of examples in companies I’ve worked for where we basically took a vote as to how to proceed with something or where we were given the feeling that things were democratic in the way that I believe you’re referring. It’s an interesting thought and it’s certainly a feather in the cap for your organization to be recognized this way.


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