My favorite award yet: Adultitis Antidote

Adultitis Antidote Award

Kim & Jason Kotecki are on a mission: They’re fighting Adultitis. Their blog Escaping Adulthood offers up strategies from childhood to help you treat Adultitis and create a life with less stress and more fun.

And now they’re passing out awards to blogs that embody this spirit:

When it comes to the blogosphere, an Adultitis Antidote is a blog exhibiting a childlike spirit that helps counteract the effects of Adultitis by using honesty, curiosity, passion and playfulness to encourage its readers to delight in the little things, dream big, and stress less.

And they’re including my blog among the winners! Wooo-hooooo :o)

Kim wrote to me to tell me about the award, saying:

You are putting out content that needs to be heard. So many people drag themselves through their 9-5, only to spend their 5-9 recouping for another day. We see too many people living for the weekends. Your blog challenges people to step back and look at their jobs in a new light.

So often, as adults, we don’t ask “why” anymore. Yet, children are always looking for answers. The content you are providing answers many of the questions people should be asking about their 9-5, but don’t. Happiness is the key!

This is my favorite blog award so far :o)

And I have to agree that most of us are waaaaay too adult about work, taking it much too seriously and creating way too much stress in the process, even though meeting serious challenges with a playful attitude sometimes gets you much better results. In fact, one CEO of a large Danish company always told her employees:

Remember, work is just something we play at.

A great big thank you to Kim & Jason for this award which made me very happy!

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