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Hiring Usually Sucks – But It Doesn’t Have To. Here’s How To Hire For Happiness!

Many workplaces are stuck in a vicious cycle: Recruitment is rushed and haphazard so the workplace is unhappy so more people quit so they have to recruit even faster. We need to break this cycle. I’ve had the privilege to visit and study a lot of the world’s happiest workplaces and one thing they all do … Continue Reading ››

Hiring For Happiness at Lykki How do you hire the right people? And maybe more importantly: How do you avoid hiring the wrong people? Calvin Johnson, the founder of Lykki, an e-commerce retailer based in Vancouver, shares some fun and innovative ways they screen and test job applicants.


Hiring For Happiness at Menlo Innovations
Tech company Menlo Innovations in Ann Arbor, Michigan have a VERY different way of hiring and interviewing new employees.
They call it Extreme Interviewing, and it is not only much more efficient than the traditional approach, it also has a much better success rate in hiring the right candidates (and eliminating … Continue Reading ››